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Pretty bread baskets instill images of The Sound of Music and Little Red Riding Hood. Don’t ask me why! Flat baskets are very versatile and needn’t just be limited to serving bread. I could think of using them as a fruit basket, a medicine box or to store odd things around the dining table. I didn’t look at bread baskets designed exclusively to fit baguettes because, well, I don’t always eat baguettes!

Had I not gone looking for beautiful bread baskets, I surely would not have stumbled upon Reiko Kaneko, this incredible British-Japanese tableware designer. I love her east-meets-west approach as she effortlessly design bone chinaware that fuses oriental and European influences. She calls this bread basket “The Boat”, and that’s just so apt. She sells The Boat with rope handles in different colors, but nothing beats the natural tone of the one below, if you ask me.


I cannot decide if I’d use this basket for bread or fruits, but it really is wonderful! This one’s hand-woven from the fiber of natural date palm leaves, and it definitely looks less coarser than regular wicker.


Aren’t they pretty? I like the idea of being able to change the ribbon every once in a while, or perhaps, to match the dress I’m wearing?!


I’d posted sometime ago about a cork coaster that was shaped like a slice of bread. Adding to the same amusement is a bread basket that’s made to look like brown bread. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the bread basket was actually edible? Like edible ice cream wafer cups? Well, I’d definitely be a taker if someone came up with it!

ImageIf any bread basket can make my heart skip a beat, it has to be this asymmetric, burled wood bread basket that I simply adore! There’s beauty in imperfection, and that’s precisely what even burled wood is all about.

ImageAll that talk of bread baskets has made me hungry, and I cannot wait for breakfast time and for some scrambled eggs on toast!