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Some time back, I’d made a post on why it’s important to have a sink console near your dining table. Now I’m willing to go a bit further than that. I realize it’s hard enough to tidy up the living room and kitchen before you invite guests over for drinks and dinner. I’d hate having to clean the bedrooms too, just because a guest might want to use a toilet in there. So wouldn’t it be nice to have an unattached toilet, close to where you’re  entertaining? It’s no mean feat trying to find space for that extra toilet, considering how much space you’d expect it to occupy. But what if you could shrink the toilet? What if it occupied just a little more space than your refrigerator? Here’s what I found when I was hunting for toilets under the stairs.

I doubt I’d feel guilty about turning a seemingly dead space under the stairs into a functional toilet. I cannot think of a more space-saving design for a toilet, which still has the space for everything you’d possibly need. I did initially think that it’d be a bit awkward and inconvenient to use a sink that’s right above the pot. But I watched videos of people doing that without a problem, and I realized that my apprehensions were just a mind-block against an unconventional design.

This is one of my favorite discoveries ever. ‘Retrofit’ is a term I came across for the first time not so long ago. It refers to fitting a product with new components to improvise, upgrade or increase the efficiency of the original product. And I don’t think there’s a better term to describe Sink Positive’s patented invention that you see below. All that it involves is a ten-minute installation to change the lid of your tank. Do that, and you have a wonderful sink over your toilet. But this is no ordinary sink! When you flush, the faucet automatically releases clean water to wash your hands with.  The soapy water that leaves your hand is then saved for the next flush. And no, dirty water does not come out of the faucet. So let’s weigh the benefits here. You have a touch-free faucet. Every flush mildly cleanses your commode with soapy water. You save water. And you save another precious thing called space. What’s not to love about it?

Had I seen this a bit earlier, I would definitely have featured it as an Earth Day Special! But that’s alright. Because, whether you like it or not, every day is Earth Day for us, earthlings!