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I’ve been thinking about four-poster beds lately, and if it’s right for our bedroom. What’s been holding me back is the fact that ours is a smallish bedroom. I must admit that there’s something regal about these beds, but they also seem to eat up visual space. In any case, I’ve decided to look into them a little more closely. Canopy beds are close cousins of the four-poster bed. They’re different in that they have an overhead roof-like structure covering the bed. I read that these beds were designed more out of utility than luxury. Medieval barons often had attendants sleeping in the same room, so four posters with curtains helped create a room within a room.

The warmth and coziness that this photograph emits almost has me convinced.


Here’s an interesting, modern twist to the four-poster bed by New-Zealand-based designer, David Trubridge. It doesn’t serve the purpose and intent of the original poster bed, but it’s, nevertheless, visually appealing. I hope to write a separate post some time soon on some of his other amazing designs.


You could play around with the posts and side rails to introduce intricate designs and detailing into your room.


That rustic, unpolished finish (or lack of it?) looks good on everything, even four-poster beds!


Here’s another endearing poster bed that complements a white background amazingly well.


What do you think of four-poster beds? Are you for or against them? I’ve never had one, so I would love some thoughts on it.