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This post was inspired by ants. A troop of affectionate ants who thanked me for sharing my coffee with them this afternoon. Well, that’s how best I can glorify today’s stinging bug attack. My coaster went missing – somewhere between a mountain of files – and I was too occupied to go hunting. So what I had on my desk was a week of coffee rings, and of course the ants came marching. A few stinging ant bites that itch for days, or some ugly, brown stains on your favorite furniture is probably where the seeds of a coaster crush are sown!

Moroccan designs are so versatile. With the right colors, they can make almost anything look good. Isn’t it amazing how those cork rims complement the white-and-blue prints? I don’t think I’d ever get tired of seeing these lovely coasters on my breakfast table everyday. And believe it or not, this a DIY project!

Diy Cork Coasters Decorated With Contact Paper

 I’ve been laying off paisley designs for a while now; I was seeing too much of it everywhere. But I think I’d be ready to embrace them once again if I could make these mine!

I guess things that you’re really passionate about never leave you; they just find a way of coming back to you in different forms. I once loved collecting and pressing ferns, and used them everywhere. Bookmarks. Greeting cards. Wall frames. They all had ferns. And now that they’re back, I realize I still love them just as much!

Who says coasters can’t be multi-functional? Look at these swirly coasters. You can use them as one coaster. Or two separate ones. If you can use the same coaster for two cups of coffee or together for a single cup, I say that’s multi-functional! Yea, I know. I’m stretching definitions a bit here!

And now for some fun! I love my scrabble set, and I wouldn’t destroy it for the sake of a coaster. But I suppose I might one day, when it’s time for a new one. Wouldn’t it be a fun challenge to find four four-letter words that make sense not just when read horizontally (like in the photograph below), but also vertically? Well it’s only fair to play by scrabble rules even when the game is about a coaster!

 Scrabble tiles not for you? How about Cadbury blocks? I would never buy this. I think I eat too much chocolate already. Just staring at this coaster everyday would be enough to make me diabetic in a year or two! I wonder why the chocolate conglomerates don’t give these out as gifts and prizes!

No chocolates, please. But I could sure do with some toast! I can’t help but grin at this streak of brilliance: using cork as a look-alike for brown bread!

If words can do magic, these surely do. I just love everything about these letterpress coasters.

And what’s written there is a reminder to self today. Dream big. Create. Enjoy life. Make things. Be passionate. We could all probably do with a coaster that reminds us everyday to do just that!