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Every house should have a memory wall. A wall filled with photos that make memories come pouring back in. We’ve had one for a while now, and believe me, we never get bored of looking at it. They’re time machines that transport you back to a day you never thought you could revisit. There’s always an expression in the photos that puts a stupid smile on your face. They make you count your blessings and be thankful for them everyday. And of course, every once in a while, you notice things that you had never before in all those years.

You’d never believe how these photographs have been made to hang. From a curtain rod. Yes, a curtain rod! Isn’t that delightful? Not only can you avoid drilling nails into your beautiful walls, but you can rearrange them like furniture when you think you need a change. I also like how every photo frame overlaps another – it makes it so engaging and mildly mysterious. And I think they’d look just as nice with photographs of people and places.


This one’s more like a corner of frames rather than a wall full of it. It’s nevertheless an unusual way to create a corner stand and to display photographs at the same time.


This is a project that I definitely want to give a try. I suspect that the right placement for each of the twelve photographs would be a matter of simple 7th grade geometry that I have long forgotten! I doubt I’d have the patience or skill to try this entirely by myself, but if I ever do, I’d definitely first try my hand at making a small, regular-size DIY clock.


And now for some (unprecedented) mushy stuff. I wouldn’t hang it around the living space for the fear of guests turning diabetic with all that sweetness. But I’d sure love to have one of these made to hang within the privacy of my bedroom.

ImageCan a photo frame turn left at a junction? Apparently, they can! I love it! It reminds me of how those kids in the Matrix bend spoons with their minds! And just like that bit of science fiction, I haven’t really figured this one out either! Are there two glass slabs on each frame or are there none? Is the photo cut or is it just folded? You can almost be sure that the edge or corner of the wall can distort a face pretty badly, so you’re probably better off avoiding close-up photographs with these frames.


 A wall of photographs is also a fabulous way of making a corridor look longer or to break the monotony of plain walls with a personal touch. And they’re perhaps the only conversation starter that you never get tired of!