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What’s the one thing in the house that guests are forced to notice from up close? I would say the faucet. Still, a mundane faucet can go completely unnoticed. A beautiful and unique one, though, will register even as one goes about a task as mindless as washing hands. And boy, are there some breath-taking faucets out there!

Off with the favorite! Sleek, straight lines, suave. Need I say anything more?          Image

 And if you thought it can’t get much better than that, well, you thought wrong! A cascading faucet almost has something zen-ish about it, doesn’t it? I can almost hear the soothing the sound of the water falling gently. Sigh!


Do you see it or am I just delusional?  I could swear that this faucet’s modeled after a tulip. I love designs that borrow from nature.


This faucet from Kohler is simply stunning. I wouldn’t really be bothered about getting a wash basin with matching designs.I think it’d be best with a white sink, because I’d want my faucet to get the full attention that it deserves!


I’m not sure if you’d be impressed by the faucet below after all that you’ve seen already. But I still like it for its curvy yet minimalistic design.

ImageI’ve realized only recently that there is almost nothing in the house that can’t be subject to design scrutiny. Think of all those little things in your house that you barely notice is there. Take a minute off to ask yourself whether those humdrum elements could look or serve you better. And I’m willing to bet that the answer is going to be in the affirmative!