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I suspect I have been bitten by the holiday bug! That’s the only thing that explains why my posts have lately been about lazy, cozy things. I have decided that there’s going to be a nice rocking chair in my living room the next time holiday season is around. Furniture designers have probably gone a tad too far with chairs, among other things. Some of them look so bizarre that I’d probably believe the designer if he told me that his client was a martian. There are also some very ‘modern’ designer rocking chairs without arm rests, and many look nice. But I definitely need the support and assurance of an armrest, and that’s why I have stayed clear of those type of rocking chairs too.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just attach a pair of rockers to the chair you already have? This rocking chair makes me want to believe that it might just be possible! Look away from the foot of the rocking chair, and you’d realize that the rest of it looks like an ordinary chair.

International Caravan Bentwood Rocking Chair   QRB100

This is probably the most inviting rocking chair I have ever seen. I’d just snuggle my way into that Ryder rocking chair with a book, a blanket and a hot cup of lemon tea!

If they’d asked me to name this rocking chair, I’d probably call it The Skeleton. I’m not particularly fond of skeletons in my closet (or anywhere else, for that matter!), but I like this bony rocking chair because of all the different shapes and sizes of wood that’s been assembled together. I think it’d be even nicer with a printed cushion for a seating and extra coziness.

Bentwood rocking chairs make me happy! They remind me of curly tendrils in spring time! I’ve always wanted to learn more about how they ‘bend’ wood. I’m sure it takes a great deal of skill, precision and some elfin carpentry too!

Thonet Style Bentwood Rocker

I like barn doors with their beautiful stripy wood, and that’s what lured me towards this rocking chair. Imagine how much more awesome it would look if each plank was a slightly different shade of wood!

They say necessity is the mother of all invention. But I’m guessing a mother’s woes were the necessity of this invention! What a great gift this 1+1 rocking chair would make for a new family!

rocking chair cradle

So what is it about rocking chairs that’s made us love them for centuries? I read somewhere that we start recognizing rhythms and patterns from almost the time that we’re born. The sound of a mother’s heart beat when a baby is held against her chest is among the first. The rhythmic pats on the baby’s back, the movement of a cradle, and even musical beats. Rhythm is just everywhere. Researchers haven’t figured out why we have developed this predisposition to rhythm. So I won’t even try figuring that one out. And so I believe that the rocking chair is just a sliver of the mystery called the rhythm of life!