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Kitchen jewelry. That’s what kitchen back-splashes should be renamed, if you ask me! Don’t they just beautify your kitchen beyond words? Of course, they’re not purely ornamental. Being easy to clean, they guard and protect those “heavy-duty” areas around the kitchen from food splatters, smoke stains and dirt. But who says you can’t indulge in them to make your kitchen look fab? There are so many back-splash options to choose from out there, in terms of the material used, area covered and design. I have so many favorites this time that I’m going to try not to single one out this time!

I picked the back-splash below for a lot of different reasons. I love that it uses back-painted glass  – I’ve never seen that on a  back-splashes before. I like that the back-splash starts where the counter ends, and stops where the open shelves begin. More than anything, I love how they’ve pulled off a bold color for the back-splash by underplaying it with the right amount of wood and white on the walls.

Mosaics aren’t always pretty. It’s a tough task coupling the right balance and combination of colors with randomness. But I found this aquamarine mosaic backsplash rather appealing. Yet another aquamarine?! Yea, I’m a sucker for the color, I must confess. I’ve been meaning to read up more on color therapy after I met a color therapist. But I’m pretty sure aquamarines have some magical mood-lifting properties! Well, at least on me, they do!  This back-splash is also an example of how you back-splashes can be designed to move along the contours created by your shelves and other wall fixtures.


Armenian tiles have that old world charm to them, don’t they? I’ve totally fallen for them. Notice how there are three elements in the back-splash tiles. The thin borders at the top and bottom define and outline the backsplash. The patterned tiles are the main attraction. And the empty white space in the middle is the show-stopper! I say that, not because I like a plain white back-splash, but just imagine how gaudy and confusing this back-splash might have been, were it not for the blank space.

If you’re looking at just partially remodeling your back-splash or want a back-splash just around the hob, then you could consider having just a patch like the one below. I should probably warn you that what caught my eye when I saw the photograph below wasn’t actually the back-splash, but the chimney! Just the other day, I was thinking about how ugly and indispensable a kitchen chimney can be at the same time. I think this is a splendid idea. Pick a neutral or earthy color for the backsplash, and then play with those colors to dress up the chimney! I think it might even work with a bright back-splash (aquamarine, for instance 😀 ) if you use that color on the chimney very sparingly, with the rest kept  white or neutral.

Now, aren’t these just fabulous? I would do anything for multi-color penny tiles like these! Who needs aquamarine when you can have red, yellow, aquamarines and more! Penny tiles are a recent discovery for me, and I hope to get to the bottom of it in a separate post soon!

It’s amazing how many different kinds of back-splashes there are out there, and I possibly cannot unearth them all here. I could probably spend hours and hours on the internet looking up-tons of back-splashes. And why shouldn’t you, too? Oh c’mon! Don’t be shy to release that design-geek in you!