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And we’re back to creating more storage space! Not inside the bed this time, but at its foot. Houzz will give you a list of all the different ways you could put this space to use, but I cannot look beyond storage this time. And the reason is rather simple. Is there a better place to store extra pillows, cushions, comforters and quilts? Sure, you could tuck it into the deep hole of your closet somewhere, but when you need it again, good luck finding what you want!

Let’s be done with my favorite first! The reasons are quite obvious. It maximizes storage space. It doubles up as comfy cushioned bench to sit on. And of course, it can be re-upholstered every few years! The fabric I have in mind right now for this project is some ethnic silk with beautiful ikkat designs.


If you were lucky enough to have found “the” trunk, then make use of it, by all means! Well I’m still on the lookout for that dream trunk that I could live happily every after with.


I like the one below for its clean, straight lines. Well I presumed that the top of the bench opens up to some storage space. If this particular one doesn’t, then make sure the one you build or buy does!


Wicker chests are quite easy to find and look great too. They certainly have a shorter lifespan than their wooden counterparts, and can be cheaper too. So they might be just right if you don’t want to be stuck with the same chest for the rest of your life! The wicker chests below define this kids’ room if you ask me.

ImageI do not see the additional storage space that we’re creating here as an excuse to hoard unessential bed linen. When I think of stuffing pillows and cushions into a chest, I’m reminded of a scene from Along Came Polly. So Ben Stiller has hung on to a gazillion “decorative” cushions that his ex-wife liked having on their bed. And every night, he religiously puts all the cushions away into a closet, so he can actually sleep on the bed! In comes a very disorganized Polly (Jennifer Aniston), who cannot see the point of all those cushions. She brings in a knife from the kitchen and the two start stabbing and ripping apart all the purposeless cushions! Dramatic, I know, but I can sort of relate to the idea very well!