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If I had a room to spare, I have no doubts in my mind that I’d turn it into a library. An extra room at the moment would be like wishing upon a star, so I’m hoping I can soon have a reading nook somewhere. I know mine will be next to a window, but  I haven’t quite decided if it will be the window in the bedroom or the hallway. Another bed in the bedroom to lie on and read might seem like a pointless extravaganza initially, but you’d be surprised how plant-like we humans are. If there’s a bed with lots of sunlight, you’ll drift towards it almost naturally.

I guess you either have to be lucky to already have a space like this,  or to see this just in time to build a space like this into your house plan! Well, unfortunately, I don’t fall in either category, but if you have a bit more luck, maybe you’ll get to read on one of these! I’ve seen similar under-the-stair spaces converted into oddly shaped closets. I once thought that was smart, but looking at this photograph has me wondering how I could have ever imagined it as anything but a reading nook.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have your books real close to your reading nook? That’s why I like this one. I’d stack up all those yet-to-read books down there, and live  happily ever after!

ImageThis might have well been a table that someone decided to be creative with. It seems a bit too short to be snug, but I like the shelves and would probably turn that space occupied  by the wicker basket into a mini-library.

ImageNow I’m not particularly fond of the design of the shelves on either side of the bed below – they’re quite ugly if you ask me. But I love the basic idea of being immersed and surrounded by books! A little bit of tweaking is all this needs to make a masterpiece.


This is taking a “nook” to a whole new level, but I can’t see it being incorporated into a house. The amount of space the alcove eats up seems criminal, but I hope to stay in a hotel with a room like this someday!


And this is probably my favorite! How do you like a reading-nook-cum-study-desk? Well, I’ve definitely fallen for it! You can put some cushions on the desk when you want a full-blown reading bed, and then just dump the pillow on the side to turn it into a study. The only hitch is that  this bed is going to have to be taller than usual for it to double as a functional desk.


A reading nook is a great way of creating storage space. Or is storage space a great way of creating a reading nook? Well, I can never be certain. Either way, I’d welcome it with open arms.