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This little find deserves a special mention. Not many years ago, bar soap lost popularity to its cooler, more convenient, less icky counterpart – liquid soap. And that’s despite the fact that liquid soap is ridiculously more expensive than a bar. There’s also a debatable argument that using bar soap saves water. Whatever the anti-liquid-soap lobbyists might have to say, who can deny that liquid soap is more hygienic, particularly in public spaces and toilets? So what do we now?

Meet my new friend, Soap Flakes.



Feed her a bar of soap, and she’ll give you back tiny grated, flakes of soap that you can use almost the same way as liquid soap. Now isn’t that really smart? The brain behind the innovation, and the girl we should be thanking is Nathalie Stampfli. It doesn’t look like she sells on a commercial basis, but I hope I’m wrong.

Of course, Soap Flakes might not be problem-free. Do the bar soaps have to be of a particular shape or thickness? Are there only specific brands you can use? Does it grate till the last bit of the bar? These are some of the questions that Nathalie’s page does not have answers to. But I really don’t care because the effort and the thought which went into it is a move in the right direction. And that, I think, is laudable. Until I saw Soap Flakes, I always thought that the greatest invention in recent times is probably paper-soap. Boy, do I love those for travel! Given that their functionality is different, I’ll probably declare it a tie!