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The source of inspiration for today’s post might have been the clock-faced vintage door knob that featured in my post yesterday. It’s amazing how things can work on you subconsciously! So to keep things interesting (and perhaps just to defy my mind for playing these little tricks on me), I decided to keep vintage out of the clocks. Or at least to a minimum. Now you be the judge of whether my mind still got its way!

I should warn you that I can be a big baby when it comes to clocks because I hate clocks without the numbers. Laugh all you want, but I find it rather confusing to to tell time on a naked, numberless clock. I could live with one that has at least four numbers, or even a clock that has dots or objects in place of numbers. But clocks without any of these are a complete no-no for me, and so quite obviously for this post too.

This clock is dedicated to all the caffeine addicts out there. If you drink coffee round the clock or don’t believe that there’s any such thing as ‘the right time’ for a cuppa, then you’re probably going to love having this clock around. I wonder if I can turn this into a DIY project in some way.


If the Flintstones used a clock, I’d bet this must have been what it looked like!


Now I’m not sure why I liked this particular clock, but it’s probably because, being a DIY clock, it’s exciting to think of all the different ways in which I could improvise and customize from this basic idea. And the gorgeous needles, of course! Does anyone else think the hour needle looks like an owl?


Another DIY project! I love it for it minimalism. Although in my project, some of this minimalism would be lost once I’m done painting the numbers on 😦


Talk about a multi-color sweater for a clock! This, I would think, is the perfect way to add some life into a boring clock that you’ve been meaning to throw out, but can’t get yourself to because it still does its job! Now I don’t know much about knitting, but that looks like an intricate pattern to me.

ImageRemember Hickory Dickory Dock? Ever wondered what that even meant? Was it the name of the mouse? Or did they name clocks back then?! I can’t remember. Sure sounds like a pretty drunk and desperate attempt to rhyme with ‘clock’!