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So I’ve been looking for ideas for that towel rack that I’ve always been meaning to get. I’m most absent-minded when I’m getting ready for a bath, and often forget to carry my towel along. Fast-forward a bit, and you’ll hear a shout-out for help to whoever is around (much to their annoyance). And if that doesn’t work, then…let’s just say that things get a bit more daring!

While there are tons of options out there, I narrowed down my choices to towel racks that don’t force me to roll up towels. Not only am I too lazy to do this, but I also don’t see how they score over folding and stacking them up neatly.

If you’re looking to store many towels at one go, a multi-level towel rack might be just right. I’m a sucker for all things rustic and olive green. So I couldn’t help loving this one! And I’d probably stack a few books on the top row too!


If you like a bit of woodsiness, try the one below. I’d probably make the planks a tad longer though, so I don’t have to roll the towels to fit:


I also liked the idea of using wicker baskets. Turn them around, and voila! You could stack enough towels to last a week!


Who would have thought that ladders could be so versatile! And that’s just why this one is my absolute favorite!


If you’re still looking for more ideas, take a look at this beautiful post that I found on http://www.thepinkflour.com