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So what could possibly be wrong with spoons or ladles? We’ve been using them for hundreds of years! Why would anyone complain after all these years, you may ask. Take a look at these kitchen tools from Joseph and Joseph and you’ll see my point. And I’m sure it’ll have u asking why they didn’t think of this a long, long time ago.


I can see that not having the inbuilt rest would allow you to stack spoons one above the other. But the only time I’ve ever seen spoons arranged that way is at the stores. Are we going too far with conveniences here? I think not when I think of the many times I’ve had to rest my spoons and ladles in odd places. When I’m cooking and I’m just done with some stirring, I’m always hunting for a used plate to lay my spoon on. When I’ve just made a cup of tea during a sitcom interval, I end up tearing a small piece of newspaper just to rest that spoon I’d brought along to stir in sugar. When I’m icing a cake, and need to use a couple of different instruments, I have to have a small plate to keep them all on. So do you still think an inbuilt spoon rest is an uber-luxury?

Nothing like it being inbuilt, but the second best option (probably just for ladles) is to get good pot clips. Unlike spoon rests, these don’t actually rest on the clip for you to have to wash them too. I know it’s just one more petty thing to wash, but still, who needs more washing, right?


And these are just cute!