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Certain curtains can, purely by themselves, transform a room almost miraculously. That’s why I firmly believe it’s criminal picking neutral colors for curtains. Forget about matching the curtains with the other elements. Not letting curtains be themselves is nothing short of oppression, and there should be laws protecting these curtains! These summery yellow curtains triggered off my DIY instincts almost instantaneously, so now I can’t wait to have something similar made. Notice how the yellow fabric is used not just for the tie-backs and heading, but the leading edges too. Just looking at these curtains reminds me of summer – sunshine, foliage, flowers and…mangoes!

Certain curtains can just transform the look and feel of room.

I saw bangle curtains at a summer house I once visited, and they haven’t left my mind since. The pattern was a lot like the one below, except that the cloth that was used came in brighter hues. What was absolutely remarkable about those ones were that the strips of cloth had no order of color to them – just a beautiful chaos of colorful fabric and bangles. Yet another DIY project to  get working on slowly!